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Scotsman Ice Machines, Flakers& Ice Makers in South Africa

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Mobile: 0722315060 (anytime)
Cell : 0620951161
Tel: 0861777078
Fax: 0865136847

round ice cubeGourmet Ice Cubes HERE
( Home and small bussiness look at the ACM models - Bigger machines ook at MC range )

dice cubeDice cube machines HERE
( Service Stations, Ice business and Hotels see the MV range )

crushed iceFlake Ice Machines HERE
( Crushed ice for fish, slush and cocktails )

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Self Contained
Gourmet Cube
Dice Cube
Gourmet Cube
Flake Ice
scotsman acm 46 ice machine
ACM36 - 18kg/24hrs

scotsman acm 46 ice machine
ACM46 - 24kgs/24hrs
scotsman mv300 ice machine
MV306 - 146kgs/24hrs
scotsman mcm15 ice maker
MCM16 - 172kgs/24hrs
scotsman af80 ice flaker
AF80 - 70kgs/24hrs
scotsman acm56 ice maker
ACM56 - 56kgs/24hrs
scotsman mv450 ice maker
MV456 - 240kgs/24hrs
mcm 46 ice maker scotsman
MCM46 - 310kgs/24hrs
scptsman af100 flaker
AF100 - 85kgs/24hrs
scotsman acm86 ine machine
ACM86 - 38kgs/24hrs
scotsman mv 800 ice maker
MV606 - 320kgs/24hrs
scotsman guorme cube ice machine
MCM1210 - 660kgs/24hrs
ice machimes south africa
MF26 - 120 kgs/24hrs
scotsman acm 106 ice maker
ACM106 - 50kgs/14hrs
scotsman mv 600 ice maker
MV806 - 430kgs/24hrs
mf30 scotsman crush ice machine
MF36 - 200kgs/24hrs
scotsman acm 125 ice machine
ACM126 - 71kgs/24hrs
mv1000 ice maker scotsman
MV1006 - 465kgs/24hrs
scotsman crush ice south africa
MF46 - 320kgs/24hrs
scotsman ice machine
ACM176 - 83gs/24hrs
scotsman ice maker
C1448 - 732kgs/24hrs
ice flaker scotsman south africa
MF56 - 600kgs/24hrs
scotsman ice macine abm206
ACM206 - 130kgs/24hrs
scotsman ice maker south africa
C1848 - 807kgs/24hrs
scotsman south africa ice flaker
acm206 scotsman ice machine
ACM226 - 145kgs/24hrs
mfe south african ice machine
MF66 - 1200kgs/24hrs

fme scotsman ice flaker
MF86 - 2500kgs/24hrs

scotsman ice flakers south africa

Scotsman Ice Machines
in South Africa are arguably the leaders in the manufacturing of Commercial Ice Machines for South Africa. With over 100 years of experience, Scotsman ice systems show why they are one of, if not the best in the ice maker business, through the use of high-quality materials, easy-to-use functions & a team behind each ice machine that boasts huge array of knowledge on each scotsman model.

Scotsman Ice Machine South Africa incorporate a depth of knowledge, engineering skills & expertise of application specific industry sectors, accumulated during many successful years of activity.

Whether you’re looking for a massive Modular Ice Machine, a standard cube-shaped Ice Machine or a dice shaped Ice-Machine, look no further than Scotsman.
Scotsman South African Ice Machines are one of the smartest, most energy efficient ice machines on the market. They feature a state-of-the-art self-monitoring system that provides up to the minute reporting on the machine's performance, as well as maintenance needs. These Ice Makers and Ice Machines use significantly less energy and water than the leading competitors. Auto-Alert indicator lights constantly communicate operating status and actually signal your staff when it's time to descale, sanitize, and more! The ice machines' bins have a unique recessed drain fitting for maximum installation flexibility. Even more features include: Easily-removed panels for better maintenance access. WaterSense adaptive purge control. Spring loaded door with hidden hinges for easy opening and closing. Ice bin made of durable rotocast plastic.Machines and spares are supplied thought South Africa and exported into africa, angola, mozambiwue, botswana, namibia, limpopo, johannesburgh, pretoria, cape town, guateng and more towns